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PTI’s Azadi and PAT’s Revolution marches


The rallies launched from Lahore on August 14 for Islamabad are now crossed Gujranwala after one day of setting out the journey. The caravan consisting Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf started its journey towards Islamabad on Thursday afternoon. The chairman of the party Imran Khan along with the prominent leaders of his PTI mounted on a high roof bus to display their presence and lead the rally. It was speculated that Makhdoom Javed Hashmi won’t participate in the march due to certain concerns with the party leadership; however, all doubts had vanished when he was seen alongside Imran on the container which was specially prepared for demonstration.


A massive crowd of the supporters and activists of PTI were gathered outside Imran’s residence at Lahore to join their leader and to head towards their destination. Due to a great number of people taking part in the rally, it was inevitable that the march will take a considerable span of time to approach Islamabad which is the last junction. Besides, there were many who had to join from various points happen to come on the way to Islamabad. However, there were many hurdles and obstacles on their way from the authorities which cause reduction in the pace.

But still they have managed to reach Gujranwala by the morning of Friday where they are warmly welcomed by the people.

Moreover, apart from PTI, there is another party enthusiastic and passionate for march is Pakistna Awami Tehreek (PAT) led by Dr Tahir ul Qadri who left a message on Twitter:

They too started from Lahore separately and will join PTI in Islamabad to share protest against the government. Dr Qadri had announced his march against the government blaming the rulers as incumbent, cruel and wicked. He aimed to bring about revolution by topple the current government.

PAT is also on their way to approach Islamabad and have crossed Gujranwala by the Friday morning and now they are near Jehlam. Qadri vows never back from his cause until the dawn of revolution in the country. He said in his twitter:

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