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PTI to seek Supreme Judicial Council to take action against ECP members


ISLAMABAD: Almost a month after the formation of judicial commission for investigating alleged rigging in 2013 general elections issued its report pointed out some boo-boos concering Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is mullin over moving the Supreme Judicial Council seeking exclusion of four members of ECP from four provinces.


A written proposal has been sent to party chief Imran Khan by PTI senior leader Ishaq Khakwani stating that four members of the poll commission were in part responsible for not conducting the 2013 general elections in accordance with law.

It is argued in the proposal that the judicial inquiry ‘held ECP responsible for many legal errors. These boo-boos made the whole election 2013 non-transparent and unlawful’.


The proposal claimed that the incumbent Chief Election commission Justice Sardar Raza is being opposed by four other commission members in responding to Imran Khan’s July 30 letter.

“No response from the election Commission is therefore understandable but this state of affairs from a constitutional body is unacceptable for anyone in the general public and least of all from PTI who is the second largest party in whole of Pakistan,” the proposal reads.

In the letter, Imran Khan had asked ECP chief Sardar Raza to take action against those responsible for failures, violations, and ‘illegalities’ in 2013 general elections.

“Besides the agitation the legal recourse which may be considered is to move the Supreme Judicial Council as per Article 2019 of the Constitution to try the 4 members of the Election Commission for their misconduct and willful complacency in not holding the general elections in the manner as defined in law,” he added.

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