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PTI to protest in front of ECP Islamabad on Oct 4, says Imran Khan


LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said that his purpose has never been to destabilize the government but rather to strengthen the democracy by bringing fairness in electoral system.


During addressing in Lahore, the PTI chairman clarified that he neither want to bring people on roads nor does he want to spoil Pakistan economy. He said that if the four constituencies had been investigated earlier, PTI would not have accepted the whole election. ‘If there is no sanctity of your votes, you are worthless in this society,’ says Imran. Speaking about the prevailing system in Pakistan, the PTI chairman asserted that this system protects the cruel and the rich ones and no one can get justice under such system.


In his speech, Imran Khan openly challenged Nawaz Sharif to come and contest with him in NA-122 where rigging had been proved recently.

He also announced his candidates for those constituencies where rigging proved. In this regard, Allem Khan for NA-122 and Jahangir Tareen for NA-154, while Shoaib from PP-147.

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