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PTI, PAT protests: All hell let loose in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: Marching towards Prime Minister House, severe clashes broke out among the protesters of Pakistan Teheek-i-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and police leaving more than 450 injured including police personnel and women on Saturday evening.


According to the latest reports, nearly 15 people are killed as a result of conflict took place when police personnel tried to stop the crowed to approach the PM House.

Police also hit the media representatives and cameramen who were capturing all the incidents.


The onslaught came out after the chief of PTI Imran Khan and the chief of PAT Dr Tahir ul Qadri asked their followers to march towards PM House. Leaving the D Chowk, where these protesters have maintained their sit-in for ten days, the crowd started to move towards the PM House. The massive crowd charged into the Red Zone breaking all the barriers, eradicating the hurdles and crossed the trespass which turned The Red Zone into a battle zone as the police personnel were directed by the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad to stop these protesters to enter the area.

The police fired teargas and rubber bullets at thousands of protesters led by PTI and PAT while it is evident that original bullets were also been fired at the crowd.

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