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PTI Jalsa at Sialkot on June 7


Islamabad: Pakistan Tehrek-i-Insaf (PTI) to conduct a Jalsa at Sialkot on the 7th of this month against the descriptive rigging in the general election held last year.


The political party has been constantly accusing the current government for committing rigging during the elections of 2013. In this regard, the chief of PTI has announced to conduct a series of Jalsas after May 11 of this year, and this going to be the third one of the series.


According to the initial reports of the party workers, the Jalsa of Sialkot will be organized in a Jinnah Stadium. LCDs will be installed all around in the circumference of the stadium, one of which is dedicated for displaying the twitter messages of PTI supporters during the Jalsa. 35,000 chairs are arranged for the spectators while the sitting capacity of the stadium is 30,000 .

A separate place is allocated for the female spectators.


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