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PTI jalsa in Bahawalpur


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is going to hold a fourth jalsa of the series against the alleged rigging in the general election held in May 2013.


The arrangements for the rally have been finalized in football ground (Dring Stadium) in front of Bahawalpur Zoo.

A couple of containers have been brought about to forming the stage and 20,000 chairs are arranged for the participants of rally with 5,000 reserved chairs.


The workers from 3 divisions including Multan, D.G Khan and Bahawalpur along with 11 districts have begun to approach in the venue for the rally.

At least 2,000 policemen are appointed at the venue. Moreover, 23 CCTV cameras have been installed for the security concerns.

Moreover, it was said by Imran Khan that he will announce a deadline for the government in this rally.

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