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Prime Minister vows to uplifting PIA’s stature to that of world’s top-notch one


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited the Islamabad International Airport, on Sunday, to see the new addition of A320  to  the group of PIA’s (Pakistan International Airline) existing aircrafts. This kind of  addition has been made after almost ten years.


Addressing on the occasion, Nawaz Sharif made a commitment in providing full-fledged assistance towards uplifting PIA into the league of world’s renowned airlines. On the auspicious occasion, he greeted best wishes to the airline’s success.

He expressed his desire to see the flag-bearer, national airline as the preferred choice of all the Pakistanis. He suggested best improvisations to be made in catering to passengers’ needs.


He shared his views, ” It’s heartening to see the addition of a new aircraft to PIA’s existing fleet and that Inshallah, PIA would soon regain its lost glory. “

On the event, the premiere formally permitted the addition of 14 new aircrafts into the PIA fleet.

The Special Assistant to the PM on Aviation informed the Prime Minister of the recent developments and told about the progress in undertaking  14 technically superb aircrafts to PIA’s fleet.

A-320  is one amongst the three aircrafts PIA had asked for , from GECAS. It has a capacity of 180 seats.The resulting two aircrafts would be delivered in July and September.



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