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President Mamoon suggests people no to celebrate Valentine’s Day


ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain on Friday suggested the people Pakistan not to celebrated Valentine’s Day.


Speaking to event to honour the services of Pakistan Movement stalwart Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar on his death anniversary, the president said: ” “Valentine’s Day has no connection with our culture and it should be avoided”.

It is not a part of Muslim tradition, we should maintain our national and religious identity, Mamnoon added.


Giving his thoughts on current education system of country he said there is a need to transform educational curriculum of Pakistan according to the needs of the modern time and ideology of Pakistan. “Work in this regard is under way and soon new curriculum with consensus of all stakeholders would be implemented,” president said.

On Pakistan China CEPC he said, “We could not derive full advantage of our strategic geographical location in the past but now the government is endeavouring to take Pakistan to newer heights of prosperity through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and development of Gwadar port.”


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