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Power supply will be stopped from Tarbela: KP warned


PESHAWAR: the province will not pay electricity bills along with federal taxes and if utilities are disconnected to the province, power supply from Tarbela to Punjab will be suspended.


After Imran’s move of civil disobedience movement, the Information Minister of KPK Mushtaq Ghani said that provincial taxes will be collected as per routine but the public will not be paying any federal taxes along with electricity and gas bills.

Replying a question, he said that it is the right of the province to stop supply from Tarbela in the case of center’s disconnecting the power supply to KP.


Moreover, he declared that the movement of civil disobedience will only be practiced countrywide and not in KP.

Justifying the exception, Mr. Ghani said that KP government has never been charged with any corruption case that’s why civil disobedience will not be practiced in this province.

Furthermore, he opines that this is a comparatively peaceful way to bring about the change in the country and the issues should be solved without any bloodshed.

Ghani said that the PTI government has never been ignorant of its responsibilities, adding that it was pretty aware of the situation in KP. He said that the governance and protests are being dealing effectively by the party.

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