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Power rates cut by Rs2.88 per unit: Nepra approves


ISLAMABAD: National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) endorsed on Thursday a cut of Rs2.88 per unit in power rates of all distribution companies, leaving K-Electric due to monthly fuel price adjustment.


As stated Nepra, the fuel cost in September was unchanged at Ra 3.55 per unit but consumers were charged at Rs 6.43 per unit.

The estimated relief for the consumers after this approval would worth Rs 24 billion.

Meanwhile, electricity prices have been on the rise for quite a long in Pakistan along with shortage as well. Due to shortage and less production than usage of electric energy, the public across the country have to bear agitating uncertain load shedding and it has been one of the major issues that citizens are facing for many years.


The previous government as well as the current one has been demanded by the analysts and the countrymen to deal with this burning issue on the first priority. The current government has been seen inaugurating number of projects bound to produce massive energy to fulfil the needs of country’s power requirements.

Although the issue is stationed in the every part of the country, the reduction in the per unit price is a welcome move that surely would pacify the public’s anger at the administrations.

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