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Political parties to submit their response till April 29: Judicial Commission


ISLAMABAD: The Judicial Commission formulated to probe irregularities in the 2013 general elections presented a questionnaire to political parties seeking their submitting response on alleged poll rigging by April 29.


Presiding the meeting of the commission on Monday, Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk said that terms and conditions for the commission were obvious but responses of most political parties were irrelevant with the terms of references.

During the commission’s in progress investigation, the questionnaire was delivered to ask three major questions about the 2013 general elections. Each question had a further sub-question to make sure clarity in responses.

The questionnaire inquired if the 2013 elections were held in an honest and detached way. It instructed parties to submit supporting material and present eye-witnesses before the commission.

The questionnaire also asked whether or not the elections were manipulated in a ‘planned’ way and the recognition of those who may have engineered and conspired it.

Relating to the systematic procedure, the questionnaire further inquired whether rigging was carried out in national constituencies or national and provincial. It also put forward question that whether alleged rigging was done in a specific province or all four ones.



The questionnaire will make political parties to reply the commission’s questions concerning electoral rigging clearly. The commission also inquired political parties to submit material and name witnesses to support their allegations and responses in the questionnaire.

The commission was constituted earlier this month, after the ordinance issued by President Mamnoon Hussain to proceed with the making of a judicial commission which would probe allegations of poll rigging, a desperate demand been put forward by PTI during the party’s 126-day-long sit-in in federal capital last year.

In the light of the signed agreement, the judicial commission will probe the issue preferably within 45 days of its forming.

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