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PM orders Punjab to submit report for the Woman Stoned Incident


Islamabad: Serious notice has been taken by the PM Nawaz Shareef over the brutal act of killing a 25 year old pregnant woman Farzana Parveen who was stoned to death by her relatives against marrying a man on her own will.


Punjab Chief Minister is asked to provide the report on Thursday about the matter.

According to the reports, the PM embarked that all those hands which are involved in murdering the woman in the capital of Punjab should be called to account.

However, Punjab police had taken action on Wednesday to arrest the culprits and raided a couple of places to find them out.


Earlier, the family members of Farzana attacked her when she came across with them while heading toward the LHC. Police reserved her father, brothers, cousins and some other relatives.

The inhumane incident was happened on Fane Road when Farzana, who belonged to Nankana Sahib, her husband and in-laws on their way towards the court

It is reported that Farzna’s father and brothers made a charge against her husband that he kidnapped her. However, on the contrary, Farzana was to appear before the court to submit her statement on Tuesday that she married the accused by her own will and there is no truth in saying that he abducted her.

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