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PM Nawaz, Zardari stop party members to comment on Imran-Reham divorce


ISLAMABAD: Divorce of Imran-Reham emerges like a storm for many fans of Mr Khan and many have expressed their grief for this separation, while PM Nawaz Sharif forbade his party leader from commenting on Imran’s family matters.


“No one’s personal life should be discussed,” PM Nawas said in a statement after the news of divorces was confirmed.


Besides premier, the former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has also denied to comment on this matter, saying it is purely their personal issue.

Earlier, the relations between Imran and Reham were ended almost a year of their wedding today. Although the divorce is confirmed on Friday, reports about their separation were surfaced and being circulating for couple of months that both have parted ways. However, it was mere a speculation that whether they were going to separate or not until this day when confirmation made from Imran Khan spokesperson, Naeem ul Haq, as well as from the lady, who has been a part of Imran’s life for nearly a year.

On the other hand, Mr Khan has also confirmed the separation via twitter, terming the incident as painful time for him as well as for Reham and families of both sides. He also appealed his supporters and fans to respect everyone’s privacy.

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