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PM Nawaz inaugurates Balloki power project, which would add 1223MW


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated ground breaking of 1223MW power project at Balloki on Tuesday.


The plant would be completed by the year 2017 to generate cheaper electricity for the public along with provide new job opportunities for the industrial and agricultural development.

The cost production of per MW from this plant would be four lac, sixty nine thousand dollars, lower than other plants.

Addressing on the occasion, the premier boasts saying a total amount of thirty eight point six billion rupees will be saved concerning the construction cost of the project, while an amount of five point eight billion rupees from fuel expenditures.


PM said that it is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that a massive saving would be had concerning the establishment of new power projects. Premier brags off that it is a proof of the ruling party’s sincerity and transparency in its working.

PM Nawaz expressed that owing to transparent international bidding and tender procedure by the government, the foreign power companies came with great trust and gave low cost estimates for establishing new projects.

He said that a total of one hundred ten billion rupees have been save while inaugurating just three power projects.

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