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PM inaugurates two road projects in Chakwal


ISLAMABAD: While on a short visit to Chakwal on, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated two road projects including Mandra-Chakwal Road and Chakwal-Sohawa Road.


At this occasion, the Prime Minister also revealed that the national treasury was almost emptied when he came to power.

While addressing on this occasion, he said others should be tendering their resignations and not him referring to the value of dollar which had been declined in his tenure which was conditioned to ensue the resignation of a famous politician who pulled his promise back afterwards.


Declaring that a considerable period of time would be needed to cope with country’s issues, he said that Pakistan was facing the problem of load-shedding even before the previous government came into power, and that neither of the two governments could solve the problem of energy crisis.

He said that cheap electricity could be produced from the bestowed natural resources in the country, if attention are paid to coal and water resources.

He also expressed that establishing peace in the country is one of the major concerns of the government and that he is very much optimistic about the future of Pakistan when people would travel in peace even at late hours into the night.

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