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PIA flight carrying around 500 Pakistanis reached Karachi from war-torn Yemen


KARACHI: Late on Sunday, a Pakistan International Airlines aircraft carrying stranded Pakistanis from war-torn Yemen has arrived  at Karachi airport.


According to the officials, A Boeing- 747 jumbo jet of Pakistan was sent to Al-Hudaydah airport after getting clearence from Saudi Authorties. It was also told that this first flight carried around 500 stranded Pakistanis from Yemen.

Earlier, stranded Pakistanis  were sent to Al-Hudaidah from  Yemeni capital Sanaa after checking at the check-post.

According to the officials around 3,000 Pakistanis live in yemen, out of which 1000 trying to leave the country.


According to the civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the flight operation of carrying stranded Pakistanis back to pakistan will be continued untill  all Pakistanis are evacuated from  Yemen.

On Friday prime Minister Nawaz Sharif directed Pakistani officials in yemen to take quick steps for evacuation of stranded Pakistani families  from the war going country.

“Saudi Arabia has declared Yemen a no-fly zone and we are in constant touch with the Saudi authorities to allow our planes to land on any safe airport,” Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said.

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