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Petrol we are getting in Pakistan is one of the worst in the world


If you are from Pakistan and have always preferred to fill petrol from petrol pump rather than getting it from any unofficial shop or vendor as you think you’ll be getting a better quality from station than you need to rethink as the latest reports upheld by ProPakistni.pk tells Petrol we are using in Pakistan is one of the worst quality.


So with this one thing is confirmed that the petrol we are getting on (reliable) petrol stations is not of that competitive quality as compare to the other countries worldwide.

The petrol we are talking about worst quality is not a smuggled or mixed one it is the standard which is officially being sold nationwide in Pakistan. It will be worth mentioning here that this low standard petrol is not officially brought in Pakistan recent times, this similar quality of petrol is being imported in Pakistan from last 20 years.

Petrol in Pakistan is called as one of the worst quality petrol in the world as the common octane rating test, Research Octane Number (RON), tells that in Pakistan 87 RON petrol as standard is being sold nationwide.


Here are the petrol RON values available in other countries (RON), which clearly tells that petrol available in Pakistan is one of the worst quality petrol:

  • Australia: Regular (91), Premium (95/98)
  • China: Rural (92), Urban (95), Premium (98)
  • Germany: Regular (95), Premium (98), Ultimate (100)
  • Hong Kong: 98 RON only
  • India*: Regular (91) with some special additives, Premium (93 & 97)
  • Iran: Regular (92), Super (95)
  • Russia: Regular (92), Premium (95), Most expensive (98)
  • Saudi Arabia: Regular (91), Premium (95)
  • Sri Lanka: Regular (92), Super (95)
  • Turkey: Regular (95), Premium (98)
  • UK: Regular (95), Premium (97), Premium Plus (99), Ultimate (102)
  • US: Multiple offerings ranging from 90 to 110. (Stats by Propakiatsni.pk)

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