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Pervez Rashid denies Imran Khan’s claim of Nawaz-Modi secret meeting


Information Minister Pervez Rashid said that there is no possibility in having secret meeting with each other for the leaders of both the countries as leaders move with tight schedule.


The minister has refuted the PTI chairman Imran Khan’s allegations about Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s underground meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The information minister was talking to a news channel, where he stated that PM Nawas did not need to hold any secret meeting with anyone and that both leaders had held meeting at various occasions in front of media.


He emphasized that it was not possible for any premier to hold any underground meeting since all Prime Ministers of the lead a delegation and have to follow quite unpliant schedule during their tour to any part of the world.

Earlier, the chairman of the PML-N’s rival party PTI had levelled allegations on the prime minister to have held a meeting with his Indian counterpart last year that he did not disclose on the media. Imran Khan raised couple of questions upon the act of holding secret meetings and he also expressed his views regarding building peace between the two countries.

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