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PAT: People’s parliament will decide what to do next


ISLAMABAD: The chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Dr Tahir ul Qadri said that ‘Peoples’ Parliament’ will be held on Tuesday at 5 to decide the next action.


At the end of the given deadline to the government, Qadri said that the sacrifices of martyrs in the efforts of revolution won’t be forgotten. And that the revolution is inevitable and bound to take over the incumbent and corrupt governance.

He said that there is no royal road to bring about revolution, and that it is a prolong struggle of suffering which requires the devotion of everything.

“If nations stay in their home in despair, it does not transform their fate,” Qadri stated.


He asked the nation to awake, arise and march toward the dwellings of cruel rulers.

“The incumbent rulers have enslaved the nation and the nation is entangled in the chains of slavery. Now this revolution won’t be cancelled until the transformation of the fate of Pakistani nation,” he said with determination.

Moreover, he said that a ‘Public Parliament’ will be held at the sit-in point at 5 on Tuesday.

“All the decisions were in my hands so far, but whatever the decision made by public in this parliament will be acted upon,” Said Qadri.

He said that the decisive moment is on the edge and that the waiting hours are gone.


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