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Panama Papers: Imran Khan calls NAB, FBR, ECP for action against Sharif’s


After Sharif family being named in the Panama leaked papers, PTI chairman Imran Khan has called of the institutes like NAB, FBR and ECP to take the action. Further, he was of the view that our (PTI’s) stance regarding Sharif family’s wealth stored abroad is vindicated.



The Panama Papers, revealed on Sunday have caused shock wave around the globe, this biggest leak till the date flows 11.1 Million tax documents with it, which consists of large number of politicians, celebrities, players, businessmen, judges from around the globe. The leaked Panama Papers is about the people who secretly held off shore business to organize tax evasion or to store their black money over there.

PM Nawaz Sharif’s family name was also included in the list, three out of four of his children names were included in the list of settling offshore business secretly.

Following all this the PTI chairman asked the authorities to take action against the Sharifs.

Meanwhile, Hussain Nawaz Sharif has hit back over the matter saying that his family had done nothing wrong and also have openly accepted the ownership of the businesses being settled abroad.

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