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Pakistan’s situation on drone is clear: FO


Islamabad: The mid-night drone strikes in North Waziristan were not confirmed by Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Tasnim Aslam, however, she said that Pakistan’s position is conspicuous over drone.


On a question about the consecutive aerial strikes in Mir Ali that followed 16 dead on Wednesday late night, she replied that the facts regarding the attack are being determined.

“The nature of the attacks is being ascertained,” she said, without unfolding whether the strike was carried out by US drone or Pakistani military administration. “Pakistan’s position on drone attacks is clear.”


Following the belief that such drone attacks violate the country’s sovereignty and territorial correspondence, the government had severely condemned drone strikes in the past.

The FO and government have previously had shown apprehensions over drone attacks by maintaining that such strikes consequently cause in the loss of innocent lives and have human rights and humanitarian implications.

The stress on the federal capital was increased after the successive drone attacks in North-west tribal area early on Thursday and the brash militant assaults on Pakistan’s biggest airport.

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