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Pakistani marries Facebook  friend Indian Doctor Pratima sahoo


An Indian Doctor Pratima Sahoo has embraced Islam in order to be married a Pakistani, Muhammad Mansha whom she befriend with facebook. She and mansha have been keeping in touch with each other on facebook since they first observed each other on facebook. Eventually they fell in love after being in touch for almost six months. Neglecting the fact that both belonged to different countries, they decided to have a courtship.


26 year old Pratima arrived Pakistan last week on the approval of 3 months visa. Here she was warmly welcomed by 32 years old Mansha and his family who belonged to Layyah which is a district in the Punjab, located 460 km south of the capital of the country.

It is also notable thing that Pratima converted her religion and became a Muslim girl. After converted, she was given the name as Maryam by cleric day after her arrival in Pakistan and their nikah held in a local mosque afterwards.


At this memorable moment she expressed her happiness and wishes to stay here with her husband and his parents. Moreover, Mansha’s family began to endeavor for achieving the Pakistani citizenship for their new family member. However, the procedure will take some time and they are managing all the complementary documents for this purpose.

Furthermore, it was not for the first time that couples were going to be married after meeting on facebook. We had almost a similar story related to the above mentioned when an Indian engineer Hamid Ansari reached Pakistan to meet his facebook beloved. However, he was taken into custody by the Pakistani intelligence agencies on the allegation of entering into Pakistan without genuine visa.

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