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Pakistani Dr.Samir Iqbal designs device to diagnose cancer swiftly


Pakistani electrical engineer working in United States has designed a device that will provide early diagnosis of cancer.


Samir Iqbal, an associate professor in the Electrical Engineering Department, detailed his team’s results in a recent Nature’s Scientific Reports paper called “Effects of Nanotexture on Electrical Profiling of Single Tumor Cell and Detection of Cancer from Blood in Microfluidic Channels.”

“The answer was in creating a nanotextured wall that fools blood samples into thinking it is actual tissue,” Dr Samir Iqbal.

“We used inherent properties of the cell walls to create a diagnostic tool. The cancer cells behave differently as they come into contact with the nanotextured walls. They dance.”



Biography of Dr Samir Iqbal:
Dr. Iqbal is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering.  He earned his doctorate from Purdue University in 2007.  After joining UT-Arlington, he established Nano-Bio Lab. Much of his work is on enhancing sensitivity and selectivity of solid-state sensors, and understanding nano-bio interface and molecular interactions.  He is also affiliated with the Nanotechnology Research and Education Center and holds a courtesy appointment in Bioengineering department. He is a senior member of IEEE, member of Biomedical Engineering Society, American Physical Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Biophysical Society.  He has published over 35 journal papers and presented at many international conferences.  He received NSF CAREER award in 2009, was named “Recognized Professor” by Phi Kappa Phi in 2011 and is a nominee for President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.  He was also chosen for Honorable Mention towards the Best Graduate Advisor Award in 2013.

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