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Pakistan working as mediator between Taliban and Afghanistan


ISLAMABAD: Advisor to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs told that Pakistan is playing its part, facilitating talks between the Afghan government and Afghan Taliban, he also told that he has no knowledge of any talks between Taliban and United States officials.


On Tuesday, Sartaj Aziz was addressing the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee at the Parliamnet House in Islamabad. “Pakistan welcomes such contacts, which will contribute towards peace and stability in Afghanistan,” said Mr Aziz.

The advisor also told the committee that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was invited by Saudi King to discuss bilateral ties and the emerging regional situation.

Earlier, it was said that meeting have to be take place between Afghan Taliban and US officials but later on Taliban spokesperson rejects reports of peace talks.


Senator Haji Adeel says

“We will ask the government not to interfere in the internal affairs (of Afghanistan) in the name of mediation because such interference in the past proved disastrous for Pakistan’s own security,”.

“Pakistan should leave Afghanistan as an independent and autonomous state and should not interfere in its matters without a formal request from Kabul.

However, on March 9, the Standing Committee of Senate on Foreign Affairs proposed that Pakistan should not get involve in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, unless officially they are not asked to do so.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Daniel Feldman appreciates role of Pakistan for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

US special Representative also met with chief General Raheel Sharif at GHQ.

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