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Pakistan urges United Nations to settle down Kashmir issue for peace in South Asia


Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, Dr. Maliha Lodhi, has urged the United Nations at the forum of United Nations General Assembly to resolve the Kashmir issue for the ultimate peace and stability in South Asia. She went on saying that Kashmir issue should be resolved as per United Nations Security Council (UNSC) instead of India’s own wishing.


In a debate between two countries, Dr. Maleeha rejected the allegations made by the Indian side and said that it was India who always stalled the dialogue process and it even cancelled the Foreign Secretary level talks with Pakistan that was scheduled for last year. She also pointed towards the brutal acts by Indian government over Kashmiris that how they failed to do justice with Kashmiris. Dr. Maleeha reminded the Indian delegation for their failure on bringing the terrorists of Samjhota Express into justice.

“Kashmir issue should be settled down according to UNSC resolutions instead of India own wishing,” she added.

She said “it was against this backdrop that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced a four-point peace initiative in this General Assembly on Sept 30. This should have evoked a positive response from India. But this has not been forthcoming.”


“Escalating tensions on the Line of Control in Kashmir and the Working Boundary also require Pakistan and India to take possible measures to avert further escalation.”

Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi’s statement at General Assembly (video)

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