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Pakistan to pay tribute to martyrs at Shuahada Monument on Sep 6: ISPR


Spokesperson of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major Asim Bajwa reveals that the Golden Jubilee Defence Day preparations are in full swing.
The ceremony will be held at Shuahada Monument on the 50th Defence Day of Pakistan to pay hearty homage to those who offered their lives for the country in 1965 Pak-India War.


Asim Bajwa stated on his twitter account claiming that the day of September 6 is a day of spirit and undaunted resolve. He said that Pakistan Armed Forces with the cooperation of nation had nailed down a comparatively bigger enemy in the War and had shattered their dreams.


Major also asserted that the spirit, which was shown back in 1965 in the War, remains stirred up at present as whole the nation is moving towards a stronger, more stable and developed Pakistan.
Whole the nation of Pakistan celebrates the spirit and is united to fight against terror and any element which could be linked to hostile entity.

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