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Pakistan-Tajikistan agreed for bilateral cooperation


Delegation level talks between Pakistan and Tejikistan held on Thursday in the federal capital to find out ways to promote bilateral support in various areas.


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif represented delegation from Pakistan while President Emomali Rahman represented Tajikistan.

The two talked about means and ways to stimulate cooperation in fields like security, trade, cultural, energy and communications. Views to enhance contacts on people to people basis between the two sides were also exchanged between the delegations. They also talked about matters concerning to counter terrorism and controlling drug and human smuggling.


On this occasion, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed Pakistan’s interest saying strong trade and economic ties with Tajikistan are desired. PM said the country covets implementation of CASA-1000 project, which is pertinent to deal with energy crisis in the country. He said Pakistan gives its utmost priority to relations with Central Asian Republics. He also stressed the need to set up air links between Pakistan and Tajikistan on priority basis.

On the other hand, the Tajik President emphasized the need to raise people to people contacts between the two sides.

The two leader stressed on close ties between the sides at the governments levels and people for the mutual benefits of the two nations.

Earlier, PM Nawaz warmly welcomed Tajik President and gave a guard of honour and national anthems of the two countries were played afterwards.

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