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Pakistan reportedly building a Mass Surveillance System reviving the NSA


Pakistan has been striving to set up a refined National Security Agency-style public watching system capable of tapping the phone calls and emails of hundreds of millions of people globally.


For this purpose, Pakistan has been contracting with Western and other international companies to accomplish its objective.

The report – the UK-based advocacy group privacy international, however, doesn’t claim whether Pakistan has established the system or not. It raised reservations concerning Pakistan’s potential after achieving this target.


The report also claimed that Pakistan has already built a considerable sized surveillance toolkit, purchasing surveillance technology from companies like US-based Blue Coat and the Chinese Huawei. The said companies are known for their deep-packet inspection software suites that make the purchase to search internet communications for a particular term. Another company mentioned in the report, the UK-based Finifisher, develops and sells watching system to be used for spying on masses using desktops and smartphones.

In order to enhance their bids, number of companies contacts name-dropped current or former Pakistani intelligence personnel they claimed close ties with in an effort to persuade Hacking Team that project in Pakistan could be expansive.

“Our project leads on this is Brig. Javed Malik who was Deputy Director ISI-Technical Wing, said. He is the head for ISI and the person responsible for all evolution of products.

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  1. Snowden has brought to light important information that deserved to be in the public domain. He recognised the NSA’s surveillance programs for what they are: dangerous, undemocratic and unconstitutional activity. This wholesale invasion of privacy does not contribute to our security, it puts in danger the very liberties we are trying to protect. Does Snowden deserve a statue… (much bigger one)… https://www.etsy.com/listing/237623587/edward-snowden-statue

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