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Pakistan Ranks 74th in Best Countries in the World 2017 to Live in


Looking for the best countries in the world to live in and want to know the rank of your country also? United States News gave Switzerland first number, and Pakistan is at 74th position in the list of Top 80 Best Countries in 2017 to live in.


The countries in the list are ranked according to the GDP per capita as per IMF, life expectancy, geographical location, places to visit and standard of living. Switzerland has replaced the Germany from the first position. Germany, on the other hand, sloped down to the fourth position because of its strict immigration policies and bad behavior towards immigrants.


Pakistan is awarded 74th position because of lagging behind in basic facilities regarding health, education, access to basic life requirements, the standard of living and GDP per capita as calculated by the International Monetary Fund. Only Japan from the Asian countries made it possible to be listed in the top ten companies, and it is standing at the fifth position.

India is, on the other hand, is at the twenty-fifth position and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran are at 32nd, 36th, and 79th position respectively.

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