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Pakistan govt seeking user data from Facebook


The government of Pakistan has sought data of Facebook users for the period between January 2015 to June 2015, as stated in a report by Digital Rights Foundation (DRF).


Detailing the requests made by Pakistan government, the report further states that Facebook received 192 requests seeking information related to 275 users. The report also states that out of the 192 requests, the big brand cooperated and given information in 58.33 per cent of the requests.

The social media site company recently issued the figures concerning the government requests on November 11, 2015 and, as stated the company, they just feedback to valid requests regarding criminal cases.


Facebook further stated that every request from any government is assessed for legal sufficiency and they dismiss those requests that are overly broad or ambiguous.

The government of Pakistan has raised number of requests submitted to the company this year, in the last previous six-month period starting July 2014 and concluding December 2014, the government submitted 100 requests, seeking data on 152 accounts/users, stated in the report.

Meanwhile, Ranking Digital Rights has released the 2015 Corporate Accountability Index that was formed to assess world’s most potent Internet and telecommunications companies on their public commitments and unveiled policies causing users’ liberty to express and privacy ranks the commitment of Facebook and others concerning the quality of those initiatives being taken.

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