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Pakistan enters into new era after JC report: Nawaz Sharif addres to Nation


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif while addressing to the nation said, Pakistan enters into news era after Judicial Commission report.


Those who levelled the allegations of rigging were full opportunity to prove their allegations but no such evidences were provided  in the Judicial Commission (JC), said PM

Preimer said, Due to political turmoil Pakistan had face difficulties last year, we should discourage such elements.

Nawaz Sharif said after historic verdict of the Inquiry Commission, Pakistan has entered into a new era. The highest and most credible forum has authenticated the 2013 General Elections as transparent and free from rigging; and therefore, the chapter of allegations and false accusations should come to a close forever.

The Prime Minister said they are ready to forget what happened after the elections till now but it was unfortunate that the country was defamed by making fair and spotless elections disputed.

Nawaz Sharif pointed out that ever since general elections, his Government pursued constructive policy of mutual consultations, reconciliation and consensus building.

He said establishment of governments as per mandate of the people, National Action Plan, Constitutional Amendments and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are some of the major decisions that were taken with consensus.

The Prime Minister said he has declared his resolve to pursue value based politics rather than that of power and he is sticking to this commitment. He said he would give preference to national interests over personal or party interests.


The Prime Minister said despite provocations the Government demonstrated extreme restraint to pave the way for resolution of the issue of rigging through democratic spirit.

He said he intends to pursue this principle in future as well. He, however, expressed the hope that those who wasted precious time of the nation would also learn the lesson and desist from negative politics.

Nawaz Sharif said we should consider verdict of the Inquiry Commission as a milestone and embark on a new journey on the road to progress and prosperity and get rid of chaos, uncertainty and instability.

The Prime Minister said as per its election manifesto, PML-N is committed to bring about electoral reforms to ensure fair and transparent elections.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan has embarked upon the journey of progress and prosperity and today’s Pakistan is much better than that of two years back. He said economic is gaining strength and Pakistan’s global image is improving and Pakistan would be still better after three years than it is today.

He said the Government is fully resolved to eliminate terrorism and results of operation Zarb-e-Azb are before the nation. He said we are committed to restore peace in the country.

The Prime Minister referred to the havoc caused by flash floods in different parts of the country and said the Federal Government would do everything for compensation of losses of the affected people and their rehabilitation.

He said provincial governments and all relevant institutions to leave no stone unturned in relief and rehabilitation task. The Prime Minister said he himself was overseeing the entire process.

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