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Pakistan Economic Survey 2014-15 to be launched tomorrow


ISLAMABAD: The Federal Minister for Finance Senator Muhammad Ishaq will launch the document of Pakistan Survey for Fiscal Year 2014-2015, highlighting overall performance of economy, on Thursday (June 4).


The survey covers development of all important sectors of economy including growth and investment, agriculture, manufacturing & mining fiscal development, money & credit, capital markets, inflation, trade & payments, public debt, education, health & nutrition, population, labour force & employment, transport & communications, energy, poverty & social safety nets, environment, contingent liabilities, tax expenditure, Impact of war against terrorism & ongoing Operation Zarb-e-Azb on Pakistan’s Economy, and Economic & Social Indicators.

Bird’s Eye View of Pakistan’s Economy:


In South Asia, economic performance of Pakistan is improving quantitatively and qualitatively as growth is broad based and touched all most all sectors of the economy and is the highest achievement since 2008-09. China and Pakistan have entered into a comprehensive plan of “Economic Corridor” between two nations. It will serve as driver for connectivity between South Asia and East Asia. Foreign exchange reserves significantly rise during the period, however, tax collection during the said period was satisfactory.

Agriculture and livestock sectors during 2014-15 achieved substantial growth. Banks have achieved 74% of their annual Agriculture Credit Disbursement target during the first ten months of the current fiscal year.

Government had announced in previous report that it is making efforts for developing the environment and adverse impacts of climate change. It was then said that cloth bags, paper bags and biodegradable plastic bags will only be allowed. However, no positive performance in this regard was recorded during FY 2014-15. Low quality plastic bags are still being used across the country and even in some cities banned black plastic bags are still being used.

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