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Pakistan committed with objectives of nuclear disarmament


Pakistan has repeated again its assurance to the world, which expresses its longing of disarmaments and nuclear non-proliferation.


In this regard, Pakistan has denied the reports that are propagating and raising concerns that Pakistan is rapidly growing nuclear weapons. The Foreign Office (FO) maintained that such totally baseless reports are deliberated to divert focus from the exponential raise in India’s fissile material stocks.

FO said in the statement that Pakistan has offered number of initiatives to promote formal and strategic stability in the region of South Asia. These proposals include the planned strategic administration that India did not respond upon positively.


In the statement, it is upheld that Pakistan strongly and strictly follow the idea of credible minimum deterrence and its nuclear project is only for keeping peace and stability in South Asia.

It further said that Pakistan’s stance is featured with the maximum restraint and responsibility regarding nuclear weapons. It is claimed in the statement that Pakistan does not want to get involved in nuclear arms race.

Meanwhile, the FO statement concerning Pakistan’s nuclear armaments and its policy for the arms comes day after US State Department Spokesperson requested Pakistan to not enhance its nuclear potential.

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