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Pakisan has been testing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, says NYT Editorial


The New York Times Editorial Board on Wednesday wrote about  current  India-Pakistan relations and the possible consequences,  if war erupts between two nuclear powers.


‘Experts says Pakistan has been testing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who, in a break with his predecessor, has vowed not to ignore attacks by Pakisan-backed militants on Indian targets. Only July 27, gunmen dressed in military fatigues attacked as Indian police near the border with Pakistan and at least nine people were killed’, said editorial.


Elaborating  on possible war outcomes between the neighbouring countries and Modi recent visit to UAE, editorial said, ‘Mr. Modi’s wish to strike back is understandable after many years of Indian restraint. But India,which is considerably stronger and more successful than Pakistan, has the most to lose if another war erupts. Mr. Modi recently became the first Indian prime minister in 34 years to visit the United Arab Emirates, which had been one of Pakistan’s biggest supporter but now sees the value in closer ties with India. In a joint statement, India and the  emirates condemned the use of religion to justify terrorism and agreed to cooperate in counterterrorism operations.

Urging India Pakistan to held dialogue on Kashmir Issue NYT said, ‘In a sign of heightened concern over Kashmir, the United States and the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, have urged India and Pakistan to exercise restraint and solve their differences through dialogue. They will have a chance to heed that advice when top Indian and Pakistan nation security advisers meet later this month.

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