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Pak Suzuki manufactures 50,000 cabs for the Punjab Government


The leading Japanese local car assembler expects a rapid increase in its sales in the current as well as next fiscal year over getting an additional order from the Punjab government for the supply of 50,000 vehicles.


The Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMCL) has signed an agreement with the Bank of Punjab for the supply of 50,000 vehicles of the both, Suzuki Ravi and Suzuki Bolan, under “Apna Rozgar Scheme” of Punjab government.

The company released schedule for the delivery of the vehicles by which the vehicles would be handed over to the Bank of Punjab from October 2014 to October 2015.


The PSMCL which already enjoys over 50 per cent car market share, will see another significant increase in its profitability. Auto analysts at brokerage houses sure that the sale of cars to the Punjab government, will simply jump over 13 per cent increase in PSMCL’s expected income in 2014-15.

The car assembler can assemble a maximum of 3,000 vehicles per month in three shifts, each of Ravi and Bolan.

Punjab government has allocated Rs 25 billion for “Apna Rozgar Scheme” in its 2014-15 budget.


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