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PAF rejects reports claiming Pakistan supported by China for armed drones


“Pakistani engineers developed the technology on their own,” Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman said during an interview with The Washington Times, adding that Washington should enhance coordination with Islamabad to attack and root out al Qaeda and other terrorist factions.


The chief also proposed that the long drawn hostility surrounding the US President Barack Obama’s series of covert drone strikes in Pakistan may ultimately come to an end now that the country has its own missile-equipped aircraft to perform the job.

Last month, Pakistan stated it had for the first time deployed an indigenously manufactured drone that targeted three ‘high-profile’ terrorists in North Waziristan Agency. Though the development raised apprehensions within US national security circles, Aman ensured, ‘No big concerns have come in’.


Previously, defence analysts claimed Pakistan’s first locally armed drone is likely to have been aided, engineered or even supplied by China.

Neil Gibson, a weapons analyst with a weekly defence-based magazine, IHS Jane’s, said, “Close analysis of imagery released by Pakistan suggests at least a heavy debt to Chinese systems’. The Burraq, he added, ‘strongly resembles’ china’s CH-3 UAV.

Further, the air chief Marshal stated while claiming that cooperation between Pakistan and the US is stronger now than it has been at any other time since May 2011.

“It’s a question of trust, we have to have 110%”.

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