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Operation Zarb-e-Azb to cost Rs190 bn at accomplishment: Ishaq Dar


Finance Minister of Pakistan Ishaq Dar informed the Senate on Friday that ongoing Zarb-e-Azb operation would cost the national treasury more than Rs190 billion on its completion.


He told the house that approximately Rs 45 billion rupees had been consumed last year and that another Rs 100 billion rupees were dedicated for this fiscal year and Rs45 billion to be spent on the operation next year.

The Minister, while speaking on the floor of the house, said that 28 wings of civil armed forces were triggered to save the tribal areas’ permeable border with Afghanistan and this cause required massive amount of money.


“Foreign countries had pledged $6 billion for the expenses being incurred on the operation but the government has received only $350 million. We are meeting expenses from our own resources,” added Dar.

During the speech, the Minister also added that foreign loans had turned out to be inevitable for the country. Dar said that the current government had been provided a loan by international Monetary Fund (IMF) to repay the previous loans.

The Operation Zarb-e-Azb was launched in June 2014 to eradicated militants and annihilate their hideouts in North Waziristan Agency following the failed efforts to hold peace talks with the Taliban.

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