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No tax except Zakat & Ushr: JI


BAHAWALPUR: Jamat-i-Islami (JI) chief emir.e.jamat Sirajul Haq, has declared that our party is not in favor of any taxation system except Zakat and Ushr, while addressing a “Save Kissan Rally” at Khairpur Tamewali, Bahawalpur. He further added, taxes paid by the poor are spent on the luxurious lives of the rulers.


Addressing a “Save Kissan Rally” the emir condemned the government for burdening people with unnecessary and heavy taxes and embezzlement with the collected taxes too.


JI emir said, agriculture is the fundamental business of Pakistan. Farmers are feeding the country but are deprived of basic needs and profitable return for the crops. Moreover, government is importing wheat to U.S. and India. The policies of rulers are paving long march.

He further added if Jamat-i-Islami came into power, JI would provide interest free loans and unconditional policies for the farmers.

He also criticized on the judicial system of Pakistan that failed in providing justice to the plaintiff and demanded Islamic system of justice as an alternative to current judicial system.

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