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National Police Bureau launches social media campaign ‘Police Awam Saath Saath’


National Police Bureau has launched a social media campaign named ‘Police Awam Saath Saath’ to improve the image of police in eyes of citizens. This initiative will be bringing all the positives of Pakistan Police and will be trying to improve the relation between police and the public.


Due to several untoward incidents, public stands a far distance from police as due to some black sheeps the whole of the force is being disgraced. This latest social media campaign will be bringing the public’s fate back in police and not only this they will be pulling off initiatives to hold strong public-police relation.

It’s just been days since this campaign on social media has kicked off, till today they have shared several success stories of police with the netizens. Not only this they will also be telling about the difficulties they face within their duties.


‘Police Awam Saath Saath’ aims 

Police Awam Saath Saath is a community that aims to bridge the gap between the police & the public of Pakistan and its objective is to bring police and public together on a platform by utilizing the power of media and interaction through social media.

Join us to bring Police and Public together to make Pakistan stronger and more peaceful in terms of law enforcement and community interaction.

‘Police Awam Saath Saath’: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

The initiative looks promising with making people know more about Police, it seems that it will be cutting off the distance between police and public.

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