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NA approves cybercrime bill, twitter reacts


ISLAMABAD: Government on Wednesday approved controversial Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 in the National Assembly.


The bill will be tabled into Senate for approval after that  it will become Law.

The bill  has been severely criticised by the civil society, independent watch dogs and IT industry, there stance on the bill was it will curtail human rights and will provide unprecedented power to concerned authorities.

The Bill was aimed to  table in Jan 2015 by the IT ministry for seeking approval from NA , but later in April 2015, it was referred to the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology to take concerns raised by the opposition parties, IT industry and civil society.

According to reports, any form of criticism on the country, courts, armed forces and religion will fall under the offense after the bill have passed, by using the law, authorities can impose fine and grant imprisonment to any offender.


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  1. Public opnion terrifies those in power, they don't want to know about it. Even before there was a cybercrime bill, no government has survived the wrath of the people

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