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Myanmar is the first buyer of Pakistani JF-17 Thunder jets


ISLAMABAD: Myanmar has become the first country to purchase JF-17 Thunder fighter jets from Pakistan. Myanmar will buy 16 jets from Pakistan in the first phase whereas Pakistan is interested in selling about 24 jets to Myanmar.


According to the agreement, Pakistan will provide services for looking after the jets as well. Both the countries have started talks on this deal in March 2015. Sources also told that negotiations are also under way with other countries as well to sell JF-17 jets.


Pakistan participated in the Paris Air Show held between 15 – 21 June, 2015 in which JF-17 Thunder jets were showed to the audience from multiple countries.

It was during that show when Pakistan Air Force disclosed for the first time that it has got the first order to sell JF-17 jets but it didn’t disclose the name of the buyer country and other details of the deal. Now it is disclosed that Myanmar is the first buyer of JF-17 jets.

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  1. Good going… There will be other countries in ques like Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Belgium and many more. As per speculation the selling will goes up to 300 fighter jet for next decade..

  2. Why is Pakistan so confused ?

    Not two months ago they were up in arms against Mynamarese state with killing and persecution of Rongaiah Muslim brothers.

    Now, they are arming the same government with advanced beyond visual range weapons. LoL

    And, respect the Chinese policy. Given that Myanmar a fledgling democracy, at risk of military reasserting itself and a future possibility of sanctions by affiliation, the Chinese have led PakiGoat to make the deal for a substandard product. LoL

    Fantastic or what!

    • I can understand why your Asss is bleading because your Shooper Dooper teja is still under testing phase, LOL

      • I hope the proceeds from the sale of this plane do not go to China considering its their metallurgy, advanced materials, avionics, nuts and bolts that Pakistan assembles … oh have the zamindars not told you?

        China will surely sell it to tens of other countries … Ill be glad as an Indian … so its like this between India and China ,,, We sent setellites for other countries they build planes … they have to sell 200 units and we have to send just one rocket to the space … see China and India don’t need nuclear deterrent … does not work … we have so many conventionally tipped ICBM’s … we are like brothers from different mothers 😀

        But I sincerely hope Pakistani population will wake up one day from their dream and build a society that is Pak and pure. As we speak Pakistan is just another transit route for China … it does not matter to them if a skilled industry flourishes or a desolate desert emerge … compare how Norway, USA, UK, others build schools, collages, institutes in Pakistan while China builds roads (that too to transport obsolete technology trains, power plants, construction material)

        Who wins you decide?

        • Wao… Just came to know that is someone kicks your ass and you cant do anything you call him a “Brothers from different Mothers”

    • Fantastic!

    • The Pakistan centric obsession of the Indians is amazing.

  3. indian totally jealous with pakistan. JF-17 is our proud

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