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MQM Chief Altaf Hussain is not dead, he is alive and well


Even hours after the rumors spread regarding the death of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief, people have still not got clear over the point that Altaf Hussain is alive and is doing well at his home in London.


The buzz of Hussain’s departure from this mortal world spread like a fire in the bush, although after hours of all that MQM supremo addressed party workers and leaders at MQM’s headquarter Nine Zero.


Finally, after watching this masses who were misguided on the web got to know that MQM’s leader is alive and doing well. Here it should also be kept mentioned that during the meantime when death rumors surfaced on web, many known journalists also came up with the information they got from their sources.



But still it was insufficient for many as the spread rumors goes on telling that MQM leadership is hiding the death of MQM chief. Although after ours all the speculation ended as Altaf Hussain addressed the workers and party members at Nine Zero.

Pictures from Altaf Hussain’s address at Nine Zero:


AHaddress-09032016 (5)

AHaddress-09032016 (4)

AHaddress-09032016 (3)


Even after days have passed, still the rumor regarding Hussain’s death are in the air, the people who are claiming this are up with their sources or logic, which has created chaos all around as many known journalist were also gesturing about MQM chief’s death in UK.

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  1. Altaf hussain under psychaitrist treatment for manic depression usually such people becomes alcholic and i think he should go away

  2. MQM Chief Altaf Hussain is alive wow

  3. please leave us already…. we’ve been waiting for the garbage collector angel for a while. he finally found a big enough truck to carry this lump of filth with him …

  4. Same wishes yet with much full intensity.And also if it is true than it will be a huge news for Pakistan.

  5. now what is latest news about Altaf Hussain

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