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MQM announces four-day hunger strike against Altaf Hussain media black out


KARACHI: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Thursday announced that party will launch  4 day symbolic hunger strike outside the Karachi Press Club against party chief Altaf Hussain media black out.


Starting from tomorrow (Feb 19) hunger strike will continue till Fe 22.

MQM stalwart Farooq Sattar said that  Lahore High Court has barred Altaf Hussain from his basic right to communicate with people of Pakistan.

Earlier, LHC has ordered electronic and print media to ban Altaf Hussain speech in August 2015, and black out is still enforced by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory (Pemra) till date.


Yesterday, MQM released press release in which,  Altaf Hussain‘s asked citizen as every body is observing climate changes in country and political setup facing uncertainty , considering these next fifteen days are important.

“Citizens should stock up their homes with food and necessary items. They should take precautions while going out.”

MQM spokesperson and Rabita Committee member Aminul Haque responding to Altaf Husaain’s statement, said, “The change can either be political, climatic or of any other sort.”

“Whatever the MQM chief has predicted during his struggle of 38 years has come true,” spokesperson further added.

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