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Modi denounced Karachi attacks in a letter to Nawaz


Islamabad: In a replying letter to his Pakistan counterpart, Indian PM Modi condemned the recent terrorist attacks on Karachi airport.


He expressed grief over the loss of innocent lives in the ruthless and cruel attack. Moreover, he said that a friendly, cooperative and peaceful relation between the two countries is inevitable for providing great opportunities to youth to work for the progress and prosperity of the region.


“I was also encouraged by our discussions on our bilateral relations and the convergence in our views. I was particularly delighted and honored by your participation in the ceremony for the swearing in of the new government. Your presence and that of other leaders from our region not only added a special sheen to the event, but also a celebration of the strength of democracy in our region and a reflection of our collective hopes and shared destinies. I look forward to working closely with you and your government in an atmosphere free form confrontation and violence in order to chart a new course in our bilateral relations. I thank you once again for the sari that you sent for my mother, a gesture that she has deeply appreciated,” said the Indian PM in his letter to Nawaz Shareef.

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