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Mehsud coalition separated from TTP


PESHAWAR: Azam Tariq from Mehsud group has declared separation from bandit group Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) under the command of Khalid Mehsud on Wednesday.


The Mehsud faction spokesman staged a conference at an unknown location in which they announced their official separation from the outlawed militant group of which they previously were the central members. According to Azam, the grouping among the group has created breach and the members of the body were diverging form the original purposes. He said that the members of (TTP) had indulged in wrong activities like bombing in the public places and that they were damaging the real image and aim of the party . Further, he expressed his suspicion upon the other sects under the name of Taliban which, according to him, are fake. The spokesman said that they had tried to reform the group which eventually caused the emergence of grouping in the main stream.


He added that a couple of bloody clashes had been occurred after this grouping during the past few weeks.

However, the differences were appeared after Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in November last year in a drone attack by US.

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