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McDonald’s Pakistan used ‘Stale and expired meat’ in their products – Report


A food company in China has been blocked due to its supplying stale food after putting a new expiry date on it.


It would be shocking that the same company – Shanghai Husi Food Co., Ltd – has been providing raw-food to famous food-chain company – McDonald’s in Pakistan.

The purpose of mentioning expiry dates on edible items is to make the users aware that beyond date stuff is could be harmful for health.

According to a report, McDonald’s had purchased meat from that very company which has been blocked due to its bad reputation and the report affirmed by Pakistan Customs saying that McDonald’s purchased food from that company. While McDonald’s director of marketing has also affirmed that they purchased meat from Chinese company which has been banned.


Moreover, after confirmation is made that McDonald’s have been purchasing meat from Chinese company, another question arises that whether this meat is Halal or not.

Although the director of McDonald’s claimed that they purchase only Halal meat but this claim isn’t substantial as without any proof. Further, there is no such system to assuring the validity of the food being imported in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, in a recent video report, it has been displayed that Chinese food companies are careless about cleanliness while preparing food for supplying.

Courtesy Geo News

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