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Martial Law or Democracy? Here is what Pakistanis prefer!


The latest Gallup Survey tells that majority of Pakistanis prefer democracy over the dictatorship.


The Gallup Survey shows that Pakistanis aren’t attracted to martial law even when PTI is all set to showdown against the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over his name in Panama Leaks.

PTI’s ‘Islamabad Lockdown’ is set to take place on November 2, beside the hurdles from the government.

Though the majority of Pakistanis are against the enforcement of martial law, according to the Gallup’s latest October 2016 survey.

Responding to the question: “Some people believe that martial law was better than the painful process of democracy and elections. Others think martial law is a curse and it should never happen again. What is your opinion?”



63% voted against the martial law enforcement, whereas  28% voted in favor of martial law enforcement. Remaining 9% either did not know or did not responded.

The survey was carried out up on 1,800 men and women out of which 1,568 people placed their opinions.


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