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March 23, Pakistan Day rehearsal in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army held full dress rehearsal over Parade Avenue Islamabad – Gearing up for 23rd march Pakistan Day Parade after 7 year of long gap.


With the Pakistan Day Parade around the corner, Pak Army have taken charge of the area and covered the area with barbed wires to make the security foolproof. The atmosphere was overloud with the slogan of “Allah Hoo.”

According to sources, Shakarparian Road will be closed for general public by tomorrow Saturday evening. On the other side, law enforcement agencies (LEA) have been directed to make plans at their end to provide foolproof security during the parade. However, Pakistan Army will be the charge of the overall security during the parade.


A joint military parade of the Pakistan’s Three Armed Forces will be held on Pakistan Day. The parade will be organized by joint staff headquarters in Rawalpindi, which oversees the entire Pakistani military. The last military parade had taken place on March 23, 2008 during the regime of General (R) Pervez Musharraf as a president.

The decision to resume the military parade after seven years is to show the military power and strength in the wake of the shocking terror attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar in last year December 2014, which resulted in the death of 150, including 132 schoolchildren.

Pakistan is likely to invite the Chinese President Xi Jinping as a chief guest of the parade. Foreign dignitaries will also be invited for the event.

Images from the Rehearsal and Past Parades:

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