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Malik Riaz loses its famous brand name ‘Bahria’


RAWALPINDI: The court in Rawalpindi restricted the real estate tycoon, Malik Riaz to using the word ‘Bahria’ with his brand name ‘Bahria Town’


The local court in Rawalpindi, accepted the petition of naval subsidiary ‘Bahria Foundation’ and ordered the Malik Riaz not to use Bahria anymore. It was over a decade old case between the naval subsidiary Bahria Foundation and Malik Riaz over using the word Bahria that was already being used by the Bahria Foundation.

Qaiser Qadeer Qureshi, The legal advisor of Malik Riaz said, “We will appeal this order at the next appellate forum accordingly. So far, the court announced a short order and we are awaiting a detailed verdict. After examining that, Bahria Town will file an appeal.”


Bahria Foundation was founded in January 1982 as a trust under the Endowment Act 1890. In 1996, Hussain Global a property firm linked to Malik Riaz – approached to Bahria Foundation to use the word Bahria for his private housing scheme against 10% share for the use of name ‘Bahria’. The agreement was signed by them between both parties. Later in 2002, Bahria Foundation asked Malik Riaz not to use Bahria name anymore and agreement for restraint of name was signed accordingly.

In 2002, Malik Riaz got a stay order from a local court alleging that Bahria Foundation has forced him for the agreement in restraint of name. The case that was in the court since 2002, has been decided now.

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