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Maleeha Lodhi first femlae takes charge to present Pakistan in UN


NEW YORK: The former Pakistan Ambassador to the United States, Dr Maleeha Lodhi took charge as the permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) of Pakistan. She is the first female who has been assigned to do the job for Pakistan.


Maleha said in his first media talk after her arrival in New York, “It is a great honour and privilege to represemt Pakistan at such a critical moment for the country and at a time when the world is undergoing fundamental changes”.


“We will, in the course of the year, have to evolve the post-2015 development agenda, hopefully conclude a new climate change treaty after an important summit in Paris, as well as consider proposals for the UN reform,” Lodhi said.

Talking about her responsibilities in UN Lodhi said,” The Kashmir issue and cross-border situation with India was another key priority”.


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  1. the schedule visit of Indian Secretary :on 3 Mar will bring no result. America is on their back. it will be just Nashistan hydrant khurda. noshtan wa barkhasten. however the effort of Midi succeded in wining cricket match from Pakistan to save humality on defeat of Delhi govt election at the hand of AAP.

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